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ScribbleArea Class Reference
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Public Types

enum  MoveMode {

Public Slots

void clearImage ()
void calculateSelectionRect ()
QTransform getSelectionTransformation ()
void calculateSelectionTransformation ()
void paintTransformedSelection ()
void applyTransformedSelection ()
void cancelTransformedSelection ()
void setModified (int layerNumber, int frameNumber)
void selectAll ()
void deselectAll ()
void setCurveSmoothing (int)
void toggleThinLines ()
void toggleOutlines ()
void toggleShowAllLayers ()
void escape ()
void togglePopupPalette ()
void updateToolCursor ()
void paletteColorChanged (QColor)


void modification ()
void modification (int)
void multiLayerOnionSkinChanged (bool)
void refreshPreview ()

Public Member Functions

 ScribbleArea (QWidget *parent)
bool init ()
void setCore (Editor *pCore)
void deleteSelection ()
void setSelection (QRectF rect, bool)
void displaySelectionProperties ()
QRectF getSelection () const
bool areLayersSane () const
bool isLayerPaintable () const
void setEffect (SETTING e, bool isOn)
int showAllLayers () const
qreal getCurveSmoothing () const
bool usePressure () const
bool makeInvisible () const
MoveMode getMoveMode () const
void setMoveMode (MoveMode moveMode)
QTransform getView ()
QRectF getViewRect ()
QPointF getCentralPoint ()
void updateCurrentFrame ()
void updateFrame (int frame)
void updateAllFrames ()
void updateAllVectorLayersAtCurrentFrame ()
void updateAllVectorLayersAt (int frame)
void updateAllVectorLayers ()
bool shouldUpdateAll () const
void setAllDirty ()
BaseToolcurrentTool ()
BaseToolgetTool (ToolType eToolMode)
void setCurrentTool (ToolType eToolMode)
void setTemporaryTool (ToolType eToolMode)
void setPrevTool ()
StrokeManagergetStrokeManager () const
Editoreditor ()
void floodFillError (int errorType)
bool isMouseInUse ()
void drawPolyline (QList< QPointF > points, QPointF lastPoint)
void endPolyline (QList< QPointF > points)
void drawLine (QPointF P1, QPointF P2, QPen pen, QPainter::CompositionMode cm)
void drawPath (QPainterPath path, QPen pen, QBrush brush, QPainter::CompositionMode cm)
void drawPen (QPointF thePoint, qreal brushWidth, QColor fillColour, qreal opacity)
void drawPencil (QPointF thePoint, qreal brushWidth, QColor fillColour, qreal opacity)
void drawBrush (QPointF thePoint, qreal brushWidth, qreal offset, QColor fillColour, qreal opacity, bool usingFeather=true)
void drawEraser (QPointF thePoint, qreal brushWidth, qreal offset, QColor fillColour, qreal opacity)
void blurBrush (BitmapImage *bmiSource_, QPointF srcPoint_, QPointF thePoint_, qreal brushWidth_, qreal offset_, qreal opacity_)
void liquifyBrush (BitmapImage *bmiSource_, QPointF srcPoint_, QPointF thePoint_, qreal brushWidth_, qreal offset_, qreal opacity_)
void paintBitmapBuffer ()
void paintBitmapBufferRect (QRect rect)
void clearBitmapBuffer ()
void refreshBitmap (const QRectF &rect, int rad)
void refreshVector (const QRectF &rect, int rad)
void setGaussianGradient (QGradient &gradient, QColor colour, qreal opacity, qreal offset)

Public Attributes

bool somethingSelected
QRectF mySelection
QRectF myTransformedSelection
QRectF myTempTransformedSelection
qreal myRotatedAngle
BitmapImagemBufferImg = nullptr
BitmapImagemStrokeImg = nullptr

Protected Member Functions

void tabletEvent (QTabletEvent *) override
void wheelEvent (QWheelEvent *) override
void mousePressEvent (QMouseEvent *) override
void mouseMoveEvent (QMouseEvent *) override
void mouseReleaseEvent (QMouseEvent *) override
void mouseDoubleClickEvent (QMouseEvent *) override
void keyPressEvent (QKeyEvent *) override
void keyReleaseEvent (QKeyEvent *) override
void paintEvent (QPaintEvent *) override
void resizeEvent (QResizeEvent *) override

Private Member Functions

void drawCanvas (int frame, QRect rect)
void settingUpdated (SETTING setting)

Private Attributes

MoveMode mMoveMode = MIDDLE
ToolType mPrevTemporalToolType
ToolType mPrevToolType = PEN
BitmapImage mBitmapSelection
bool isTransforming = false
std::unique_ptr< StrokeManagermStrokeManager
EditormEditor = nullptr
bool mIsSimplified = false
bool mShowThinLines = false
bool mQuickSizing = true
int mShowAllLayers
bool mUsePressure = true
bool mMakeInvisible = false
bool mToolCursors = true
qreal mCurveSmoothingLevel = 0.0
bool mMultiLayerOnionSkin
QColor mOnionColor
bool mNeedUpdateAll = false
bool mKeyboardInUse = false
bool mMouseInUse = false
QPointF mLastPixel
QPointF mCurrentPixel
QPointF mLastPoint
QPointF mCurrentPoint
qreal tol
QList< int > mClosestCurves
QList< VertexRefmClosestVertices
QPointF mOffset
bool instantTool = false
VectorSelection vectorSelection
QTransform selectionTransformation
PreferenceManagermPrefs = nullptr
QPixmap mCanvas
CanvasRenderer mCanvasRenderer
QRectF mDebugRect
QLoggingCategory mLog
std::deque< clock_t > mDebugTimeQue


class MoveTool
class EditTool
class SmudgeTool

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